Specialty HSE Services

We offer specialty services which cover specific areas of concern regarding the health and safety of your work force depending on the specific risks inherent in your work place.

 Operational exposure limit monitoring and control (dust, chemical, biological, solvent)

We carry out atmospheric testing indoors and outdoors to ensure airborne contaminants/pollutants are not above the acceptable limit or concentration. We then recommend methods of control

Noise level monitoring and control

We carry out noise mapping analysis of your workplace/factory to determine whether or not noise levels are above acceptable limits. We recommend best approach to mitigating the effects of excessive noise in the workplace.

Ergonomic assessments

We carry out assessments of how well workers interact with their work environment. This is especially important as work related illnesses/sickness resulting from poor ergonomics usually do not occur immediately and could be difficult to spot even for the affected worker.

Hand arm vibration (HAV) monitoring

For workers using heavy vibrating machinery. Would check their equipment to ensure it is safe and not predisposed to cause vibration related sicknesses, primarily caused by frequent use of vibrating equipment.

Medical Surveillance

We perform medical surveillance of your workforce to determine whether or not they are being affected negatively by the work environment. This would help to identify any problems early on before other workers are affected or the condition gets out of control.