International Technical Ceritificate In Jetty And Terminal Operational Safety (IJET)



Safety in all types of operations is the key factor in ensuring that a company always maintains its position about the profit line, both efficiently and ethically. It is critical to the well-being and reputation of the tanker and terminal industry. In today’s global oil and gas markets, terminal, offshore, tank and transport operators are faced with increasing risk constraints and challenges stemming from complex cargo and terminal operations coupled with tighter safety, security and environmental regulations.

The International technical certificate in jetty and terminal operation Safety outlines operating procedures, particularly those prompted by the introduction of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and the syllabus is based on International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT) guidelines. It is a standard course on the safe operation of oil tankers and the terminals they serve.

This course covers risk and safety in oil & gas terminals, operational principles covering ship or barge receipt and delivery operations in jetties and terminals, outlining the safety, operational and key process steps relevant to these activities. It equips tanker and terminal personnel on the safe carriage and handling of crude oil and petroleum products on tankers and at terminals.

It covers material of practical value to delegates from management levels to onsite operational staff and is aimed at a wider audience of stakeholders; oil and gas operators, terminal and tank operators, off-shore and ship operators, bunker providers and agents, port and terminal authorities, safety, security and environmental agencies, intermodal transport and logistics operators, shipping agents and freight forwarders, risk and safety consultants, risk and insurance professionals and the academic world, etc  . It focuses on the working relationship between ship and terminal staff and highlights the characteristics of tanker cargoes and the concerns of tanker staff especially safety whilst alongside.

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