Abiosh Int’l Technical Certificate In Oil And Gas Safety Operations (Onshore & Offshore)


The oil and gas industry is a highly risk environment, therefore Safety and Health management is becoming an ever more important aspect in the control and reduction of accidents, incidents, illness and expensive litigation claims. Every day, the oil and gas industry must contend with an array of health, safety and environmental concerns throughout its range of operations.

In Oil & Petrochemical industries, the essential purpose of Safety Management regulations is to access the scopes and definitions, areas of specific responsibility of various parties, competencies expected, safety awareness and safe working practices, occupational safety plans, training procedure etc.

Drilling rigs and platforms are generally crowded with equipment and machinery, and — if there is an accident — there are few places to which to escape. Moreover, in locations such as the North Sea, weather conditions can be harsh and unforgiving.  Thus, from its very beginning this industry has had to pay particular attention to the safety of the workers and the prevention of catastrophic events. Reducing the number of dangerous occurrences, injuries and hydrocarbon releases remains a top priority and is a key focus of the industry’s absolute commitment to continually improving process safety standards, specific systems, programs and processes to manage and monitor activities that affect their safety performance.

This course comes in handy as it equips delegates with the technical knowledge, skills and tools necessary to deliver operational excellence in the safe performance of their duties in the Upstream, Midstream, Refining, tank farms and Petrochemical facilities.

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