Abiosh Int’l Certificate In Process Safety Management (IPSMCERT)



This course introduces the PSM architecture (written programs, roles and responsibilities, implementation including training, record keeping, and auditing). The course explores all 14 key elements (parts) of a comprehensive PSM program and how the overall architecture applies to each. Links between elements and integration with existing and sometimes overlapping current company policies (such as quality and reliability programs) are also discussed.

It provides an in-depth study of each PSM element. The course introduces each PSM element and the specific guidelines for integrating PSM element requirements into other corporate programs and evaluating program compliance throughout the implementation phase. This course also covers how to expand your PSM program to include the RBPS (risk-based process safety) elements.

It also covers every aspect of auditing from gathering data via records and interviews, keeping notes, report writing, and making recommendations. Using all rules and methods taught in class, the second day is a workshop to audit actual PSM practices in a real-time setting.

This course teaches how to lead investigations and root cause analyses using various techniques such as Causal Factor Charting, Fault Tree Analysis and Root Cause Charts. This is a “How To” course designed to teach skills.

It prepares students to evaluate existing practices versus recognized codes and standards and then to efficiently improve or develop and implement mechanical integrity (MI) program. Topics also include how to merge MI program with a reliability program.

Finally, the course teaches how to write effective step-by-step operating procedures and how to develop troubleshooting guides from PHA documentation. This is very much a “How To” course, designed to teach skills.

Case Studies – Case studies and exercises are used throughout the course to illustrate interpretations of the requirements and demonstrate ways to develop an effective PSM program, including several video based case studies.

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