Abiosh International Certificate In Occupational Health And Safety Management (ICERT)



The International Certificate in Health and Safety was developed because of the need to provide a qualification based on standards of Managing Health and Safety in the workplace. Current Health and Safety qualifications are based on European Legislation and standards, however countries throughout the world use differing methods but these are based along the same standards.

Part one of this qualification is based on those BSI standards (thanks to kind permission of BSI). Therefore the managing elements of this qualification follows the Policy, Planning, Implementation and Operation, Management review. The 2nd part is the controlling hazards requirements taken from the International list of hazards in the workplace.

The qualification is designed to award individuals to be a level of competence to manage Health and Safety in the workplace, in any country in the world. Most Health and Safety standards and legislative requirements follow the same duty of care, management responsibilities and criteria. Some countries have signed up to the ILO standards – others such as the USA (OSHA) – Australia (Work safe), Canada (Occupational Safety Regulations ), China (Law of the People’s Republic of China on Work Safety) to give some examples.

This qualification is a modern one based on the general requirements to manage Health and Safety in the current global climate. Students will need to be able to mentally cross borders of each countries legislation but have the knowledge and management principle to manage Health and Safety standards.

All organisations in the industrial world have a duty of care to ensure that all employees and other persons who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe at all times.

This qualification aims to provide students with a Health and Safety qualification that can be used in any country.

The qualification uses the BSI standard 18001 as the framework. Over 50 countries in the world use BSI 18001 as the Health and Safety management system to follow.

With a flexible and diverse workforce that needs to manage Health and Safety across the globe this qualification has been structured to provide a truly International award.

Students on successful completion of the course and exams will be able to apply the Health and Safety standards in the workplace.

All the legislation requirements in each country have the basic similar requirements. Therefore this qualification will embrace all legislation so that whatever country the student is resident in and involved with this award will cover all aspects.

Legislation follows the same principles – whether it is the

  •  Health and Safety at Work Act (UK)
  •  European Legislation (EU)
  •  OSHA (America)
  • Work safe (Australia)
  •  Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Nigeria)
  •  Factories Act (Ghana)
  •  Health and Safety Law (Saudi Arabia)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (Canada)
  • Work safe (New Zealand)
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment (Brazil)
  • Law of the People’s Republic of China on Work Safety
  • Factories Act 1948/1987 (India)
  • Industrial Health and Safety Law – ISHL (Japan)
  • OSH Regulatory Framework (Russia)
  • Workplace Safety and Health (Israel)

Students will need to understand the concept of Health and Safety and be able to apply the principles in any situation.

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